YetiCraft uses Minetest to serve as a playground for for both fun and education.  To join our open and free-to-play server, simply download and then run the Minetest client (which is free).  Once the Minetest application is running: select the Join Game tab, search for 'Yeticraft' in the server list, select our server, type in a unique name and password, click connect!  Thats it!  We look forward to seeing you online!

If, for what ever reason, the Yeticraft server does not show in the list - or you want to add it manually - the server address is '' and we use the standard port '3000'.

Mods and Plugins

What mods and additions are we using?  Well, the simple answer is a lot.  A more detailed response is forthcoming, in the form of 'how to' pages and guides on usage and exploits of each.  In the meantime, here is a really rough list that we are putting together, for now.

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