Welcome to YetiCraft

A place for playing, learning, and making things.


Enjoy some relaxing, yet challenging game time with our online games.  Most notably our MineTest based universe of worlds.  Not all of them are immediately accessible - some require quests to find - so be on the lookout for clues as you play!


Our members continualy learn things, and when they feel that they are ready - they share what they learned with everyone else.  Thats just how we roll here.


Playing games and learning things is only good if you get to use what you have gained right?  Well, at YetiCraft, we tend to think so too.  We enjoy making things with all of the technology that we have mastered - and we really enjoy showing others how to do it too.  Game servers, electronics projects, robots and personal devices.  We even have some tutorials on how to make your very own artificialy intelligent pet!

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